It’s been a long time!

I just realised that I had this blog!


It’s been such a long time – I’m still sorting out my Gotland and plotting what to do with it – some of it has become so felted that it’s irredeemable even for me!  I’ve started gathering fleeces so will be learning how to prepare and spin those and have also rediscovered dressmaking, so i’m upcycling and creating new clothing 🙂  More of this to come … who knows, I might even post pictures!

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Progress and mystery supplies

I love vacuum packed bags.  We found one in the loft, full of some of my spinning supplies – so now my stash of fibre has gone from half a shelf to a full one – and I think there might well be more supplies still up there!  I went to Wonderwool Wales in April last year – wool heaven to anyone in the know – and amongst my acquisitions was a batt from Winghams.  A batt of fibre is a bit like a fluffy sheet of prepared fibres ready to be spun once it has been  drafted, and is usually about six inches or so wide and maybe a foot or so long – Winghams have an industrial sized drum carder and this one I got was about the size of a single bed!!  A friend of mine has one that looks like a winter weight duvet it’s so fat, hug and fluffy!  That is still in hiding – when I find it out, I’ll have to take a picture.


So my aim to reduce my stash has been set back somewhat by finding that I have a lot more than I thought I did.  I do still plan to make a garment from Gotland, so will need more Gotland supplies, and will be planning to make items with the spun fibre that I already have – photos will follow once I have sorted out the technology!

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New new year, new blog!

So 2013 has snook up on me, not quite taking me by awares, but certainly coming up quicker than anticipated!

I’m not one for resolutions but I do find this is a time to contemplate the future, and looking at the blank, clean page of a new calendar year does give a little time to consider these things.

With regards to my crafts, those who already know me are aware I’m a bit of a yarn and fibre obsessive.  I love crochet and also love drop spindle spinning.  Over the past few years that I’ve been spinning, I’ve spun quite a range of fibres – various types of sheep wool, silk, cashmere, alpaca, angora.  My current main plan is to spin the odds and ends of bits I have just hanging around and get them stashed properly.  Next, I’d like to make a garment from some Gotland.  I’ve got at least three different batches of Gotland at the moment – some rovings, some ‘wild’ locks (think Bryan May’s hair!) and some slightly tamer washed locks.  I will probably need to add to this collect (queue Wonderwool in April) and eventually I’ll end up with enough spun fibre to make something 🙂

Now the something will probably make use of a new strand to my bow – Tunisian crochet.  My lovely spinning buddy Nita made a rather lovely little poncho using Gotland and I think a knitted Moss Stitch (will need to check this out!!)  As I don’t knit (well, I do, but I don’t like it!) I thought Tunisian would be a good way to make a lovely, chunky garment, so that’s on my plan 🙂  And to expand my Tunisian crochet repetoire.

Not quite crafts but sitting somewhere close by is the Green Man Essence practitioner course sitting in the box in the corner of the living room.  I buy the first module sometime earlier last year, but then we started having refurbishments … and I never did really get started.  My spiritual studies took over somewhat as well as not really having a place to do practical studies, so this literally went into the box and got tucked away somewhere safe.  So out of the box it will come!

There are the usual suspect in the plan, including getting fitter and hopefully thinner, but that will be a work in progress.  Lots and lots of adventures coming up in my spiritual world which I am sure will impact on the mundane world as well.

Well, onwards and upwards!  This wool won’t spin itself 🙂

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